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Ceramic Pro® once cured will have a hardness level far exceeding that of regular clear coat, normal clear coat hardness levels vary between 2H and 4H, yet the nanoceramic coating of Ceramic Pro® has a hardness level of 9H, making it the hardest paint coating on the market today.



Your Car Deserves The Best Protection

A ceramic car coating is a clear, liquid nanoceramic coating based on a revolutionary formula. When cures, this technology will ceramic ally bond, transforming itself on the surface to become a rigid, superstructure of nano glass, protecting the substrate it is applied to indefinitely.

The product we use, from industry leader Ceramic Pro®, was designed as an industrial; multi-functional, protective coating for all surfaces.

The nanoceramic glass coating forms an exceptionally strong and durable shield, resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, harsh weather conditions and corrosion.


Florida Auto Ceramics is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent quality at the highest level of precision.

2 Year Nano Ceramic Coating

Captain's Exclusive
  • 1 layer of Light on paintwork & trim
  • 1 layer of Wheel & Caliper on wheel faces
  • 1 layer of Rain on windshield & glass
  • .
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5 Year Nano Ceramic Coating

Admiral's Exclusive
  • 1 layer of 9H on paintwork & trim
  • 1 layer of Light on paintwork & trim
  • 1 layer of Wheel & Caliper on wheel faces
  • 1 layer of Rain on windshield & glass
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Nano Ceramic Coating

Add Ons
  • Add 1 layer of 9H Base Coat – Starting at $399.00
  • Wheels Off – Ceramic Inside Wheel + Calipers – By Quote
  • 3 Year Glassparency Coating – Starting at $100
  • Engine Bay / Underbody / Suspension – By Quote
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David did an unbelievable job on the ceramic coating on my F150. My truck looks better than it did when I bought it. My truck has a just detailed look all the time with no effort!! I totally would recommend this to anyone who wants to maintain the true beauty of their car or truck.

Tim P.

Absolutely blown away! I’ve always owned black vehicles and have never quite seen one look so perfect! They did a 3 step paint correction and 5 year ceramic package on my new Porsche. I am beyond excited to drive this car for the next few years !

David W.

Brought this company My pickup truck, it was rather dirty. Owner man talked me into one of the ceramic coatings and WOW am I impressed. My truck looks like a majestic animal driving down the road and everyone sees my reflection coming!!!!!

Kyle M.

Dave is the only person I trust with detailing my car! He goes above and beyond every time. Highly recommend to anyone needing a professional, reliable detail company!

Alyssa H.

Awesome service and nice guy, I love how clean and shiny it is my car is. They get every nook and cranny unlike other detailers. I will definitely be back and getting my other cars done.

Karly L.

Very knowledgeable and attentive to details. I was especially impressed with the prep work. I’ll be having the rest of my vehicles done soon.

Justin E.


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