Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

Why Paint Protection Film through Florida Auto Ceramics in Jupiter, FL


Paint Protection Film, or PPF, a self-healing barrier, is perfect for protecting high-impact areas on your vehicle, or even for full vehicle coverage. Protect your paint from road debris, scratches, and chips. Using Paint Protection Film is an easy way to keep your car’s finish looking like it has just been driven off the dealer’s lot.  PPF is available in Gloss and Matte finishes.

David predominantly uses LLumar® Paint Protection Film because of the exceptional quality and the way LLumar® stands behind its product. LLumar® has a few different options when it comes to PPF, like Valor, Select Black, Platinum Extra, Platinum Gloss, Platinum Matte, Gloss, and Matte.

Valor PPF

Get the sought-after benefits of premium PPF and easy-wash ceramic coating with 2-in-1 Valor, featuring our OEM-trusted Tetrashield™ technology.

 Super hydrophobic** surface with deep gloss

Stands up to corrosives like bird droppings

Select Black PPF

Transform your paint color to a rich, glossy black with all the protective benefits of our Platinum PPF.

 Restyle and protect with just one installation

More affordable than paint and tougher than vinyl

Full wrap or accents on bumpers, mirrors, etc.

Platinum Extra PPF

Our highest impact resistance in a thicker, stronger PPF made for gravel roads, track racing, and harsh weather.

 Chip-fighting, high-impact finish defense

Ideal for areas highly vulnerable to damage

 Backed by a 10-year limited warranty*

Platinum Gloss PPF

A favorite of auto enthusiasts and purists; helps your vehicle retain its value by defending the finish.

 High-shine top-coat blends with factory paint

HydroGard™ for stain resistance and durability

Platinum Matte PPF

All the features of our Platinum PPF, in a standout flat finish that can transform glossy paint or blend with custom matte paint.

 For a flat finish with added protection

Beads water, fights stains and self-heals

Gloss & Matte PPF

Affordable, extensively road-tested, and made to help keep high-shine or flat finishes looking as pristine as possible for years.

 Available in gloss or matte finish

Self-heals with sun or engine heat

Paint Protection Film services

Paint Protection Film

Find out more about our PPF services, industry breakthroughs, and other auto care options!

Florida Auto Ceramics vehicle wrap comes with a warranty. David will remove and replace your PPF if it’s damaged. Many insurance companies will pay for this removal and replacement service.

Next, you’ll need to book 3-5 days for your vehicle wrap. You drop off your car or truck at Florida Auto Ceramics for David to work on it.

Don’t wait another minute. Since car and truck prices are rising, you want to protect your vehicle’s paint job—whether it’s brand new or used. And if you’re a car collector, you know how valuable a vehicle PPF wrap is to preserve that car’s value.

Click on our contact tab to get a price for your vehicle wrap project. We look forward to putting on the best wrap in Jupiter, FL.

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