Take your vehicles paint job up a notch with Ceramic Coating from Florida Auto Ceramics in Jupiter Florida.



Ceramic Coating Jupiter

Florida Auto Ceramics owner, David Wilensky, takes personal pride in protecting your car or truck’s paint job with ceramic coating.
David uses Gtechniq ceramic coating on all the vehicles he works on at his shop. Gtechniq’s ceramic coating protects your sports car’s paint job and provides extra gloss or slickness.
Wheels to Waves Detailing uses the following Gtechniq ceramic coatings on your vehicle:

Gtechniq Ceramic Coating
Car Ceramic Coating
C2 Liquid Crystal
Vehicle Ceramic Coating
Auto Ceramic Coating
Crystal Serum Light
Jupiter Ceramic Coating
Crystal Serum Light with Exo
Ceramic Coating
Crystal Serum Ultra
Ceramic Coating
Crystal Serum Ultra with Exo
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Florida Auto Ceramics is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent quality at the highest level of precision.


At Florida Auto Ceramics, we assure you that your vehicle will get the best pre-treatment available. David goes through the following process to apply ceramic coating to your car or truck:

Ceramic Coating

1. He does extensive detailing on your vehicle to remove any nicks, scratches, and rock chips.

Ceramic Coating

2. He then polishes your car or truck with the best cleaning product available.

Ceramic Coating

3. David goes through the entire polish and will then do a complete paint enhancement on it—even if your car is brand-new and straight from the factory.

Ceramic Coating

4. Since some car factories don’t provide excellent paint jobs, David sometimes needs to do a paint correction enhancement.

Ceramic Coating

5. After the paint enhancement, David does a complete solvent wipe and then washes the car with waterless cleaner. Then he wipes down the vehicle with a full solvent wipe for the second time.

Ceramic Coating

6. After the second solvent is applied, it’s time for the ceramic coating application. It takes 24 hours for the coating to cure your vehicle.

We recommend that you bring your vehicle back to the shop for a thorough detail every year.
Gtechniq’s ceramic coating will save you time washing your car, and you won’t need to wax it again. However, we recommend that you wash your vehicle every six weeks to protect the ceramic coating, or it’ll deteriorate.



David did an unbelievable job on the ceramic coating on my F150. My truck looks better than it did when I bought it. My truck has a just detailed look all the time with no effort!! I totally would recommend this to anyone who wants to maintain the true beauty of their car or truck.

Tim P.

Absolutely blown away! I’ve always owned black vehicles and have never quite seen one look so perfect! They did a 3 step paint correction and 5 year ceramic package on my new Porsche. I am beyond excited to drive this car for the next few years !

David W.

Brought this company My pickup truck, it was rather dirty. Owner man talked me into one of the ceramic coatings and WOW am I impressed. My truck looks like a majestic animal driving down the road and everyone sees my reflection coming!!!!!

Kyle M.

Dave is the only person I trust with detailing my car! He goes above and beyond every time. Highly recommend to anyone needing a professional, reliable detail company!

Alyssa H.

Awesome service and nice guy, I love how clean and shiny it is my car is. They get every nook and cranny unlike other detailers. I will definitely be back and getting my other cars done.

Karly L.

Very knowledgeable and attentive to details. I was especially impressed with the prep work. I’ll be having the rest of my vehicles done soon.

Justin E.


If you’re ready to add some serious shine to your car, truck, or jeep, then you need ceramic coating added to your vehicle. At Florida Auto Ceramics, we provide you with only the best products that will keep your car or truck shiny for years to come.

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